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You wish to sell your property

Selling your property, whether it's a small village house or an 8-bedroom villa, is always an intense time: happily often joyful because you're working on another exciting project, but it can also often be stressful.

AX'immobilier is here to help you with this:

Apart from, of course, a fair estimate and at the best price, carried out by an expert, we can advise you on how to add value to your property - with a little brushstroke for example; put you in touch with our craftsmen with whom we have been working for 30 years if you have work to do for the sale; we can help you find a storage room or moving assistance, whether you are a family, a single person, single parents, or are not able to carry large or
heavy items. We are here to help you !

Click here to go to our LIVING HERE page and see all the professional partners we work with and recommend.

In addition, if managing everything involved in buying, selling and moving properties, whether in France or abroad, is too much, then please contact us - we can do all of that.

Do you need an estimate just for information or for an imminent project? 

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